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The Importance of Community

It has been a somber few days since the tragic loss of two policemen from our beloved city.

Now, more than ever, it's important to continue to operate as the beautiful, fuctional community that we are. As the eyes of the nation and the world watch the City of Hattiesburg's reaction to the sad events, we have a unique opportunity to show what makes us different: our strong sense of community that encompasses people from all walks of life, and our unwillingness to hide away during tough times and difficult challenges.

It has been said that downtown is the face a city shows to the world; an area's downtown is indeed the most visible reference of community pride.

And Hattiesburg does it so well. More and more, people are regularly choosing to "#getdowntown", because there's something that makes you feel alive-- a part of something larger than yourself-- when you choose to spend time in the heart of the city. Special events are no exception: from Art Walks, to Hubfest, to Live at Five, to our weekly Downtown Hattiesburg Farmers Market, downtown events are well-attended with folks enjoying all that downtown has to offer.

The Farmers Market in Town Square Park was begun in 2003, and has steadily grown each year. Hattiesburg residents have the opportunity each week to purchase fresh, vitamin-rich produce, prepared foods, and specialty items. Shoppers can feel a sense of pride in knowing that their purchases directly impact our local economy, and have the opportunity to interact directly with the area farmers and vendors who work tirelessly to bring their goods to market.

In the following weeks, for your convenience, anyone wishing to make a cash donation to the Deen and Tate fund set up by the First Bank may do so at the blue DHFM tent (by the gazebo.) 100% of all donations will be deposited directly to the fund.

This next week will feature music from Glenn Sasser, and a Memorial Day Weekend kick-off. Please join us as you shop for groceries and goods for your weekend needs. We'll have activities for the kids, and all the fresh produce you'll need. Bring a lawn chair or a blanket and enjoy an early dinner picnic in the park.

So, let's see the market bustling as usual again this week. Our community is strong, and our commitment to it is great. See you in Town Square Park. It's the Thursday place to be.

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